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  • UHF Barcode Label-02

By Daily RFID - Cathy


As the rising trend of adopting RFID UHF label in inventory management, DAILY RFID has recommended a low cost UHF Barcode Label-02 to provide a low-cost entry for inventory. For tracking inventory, this R/W (read and write) UHF label can be read by a normal fixed RFID reader within long distance from 1 meter to 10 meters away.


In particular, compared with the copper one, this UHF Barcode Label-02 uses aluminum material to cut down its cost. And it can benefit inventory system in the aspects of reading range and fast scanning speed.


The UHF Barcode Label-02 can provide a reliable and efficient means for inventory management. Each RFID Label is assigned a unique ID number to record the items information. Therefore, it can easily keep trace of different items, and find the location easily as well. 


With 3M adhesive Glue on the back, these UHF Barcode Label-02 are very convenient to attach to the package. And it can be customized in different memory capacity(1k /2k / 4k) to record the information according to your actual need.


The UHF Barcode Label-02 also can be imprinted with logo printing, number printing and barcode printing to mark the specific information about the stuff. In addition to inventory management, these UHF label tags can be applied in many other fields like RFID Document Tracking, RFID Asset Management, library management, and parcel tracking, etc.


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