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  • Anti Conflict UHF RFID Readers

Anti Conflict UHF RFID Readers-01
  • Anti Conflict UHF RFID Readers-01
  • Anti Conflict UHF RFID Readers-02
Anti Conflict UHF RFID Readers-01 Anti Conflict UHF RFID Readers-02
  • Product Name:
  • Anti Conflict UHF RFID Readers
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  • Anti Conflict UHF RFID Readers
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    Other Brands

    Work mode

    3 modes: initiative mode, answer mode and triggering mode

    Commonly 1 mode, at most 2 modes


    Support label anti-conflict with excellent anti-conflict effect, algorithm doesn’t have BUG

    Common anti-conflict effect, individual product equals to our product, but there’re more BUGs in the algorithm with unstable effect

    Label data storage

    Complete label data storage system, stored information including the antenna port code, time, times, label data content etc.

    Commonly without storage, individual product can only store data content without other information

    Label data uploading system

    Diversified label data uploading system, including: instructions notice, timing notice, dismiss notice, add notice, modification notice


    Label operation objects

    Support the reserved area, EPC area, TID area, user’s area operation, support complicated data masking film for different areas

    Only achieve EPC area direct operation, without data masking film. Indirectly complete the operation of TID area

    Real time clock

    Built-in real time clock without data loss under power failure, label read and write result have time stamp


    Label EAS function operation

    Complete label EAS operation, support relay linkage


    Label privacy function operation

    Completely support label privacy function (Privacy) operation


    High speed data operation

    Support such high speed data operations as block mass erase and block mass write, the speed is 4 times higher


    Function configuration

    Function configuration is flexible without loss under power failure

    Only simple functions of integrated machine without function configuration

    We can design and develop RFID tags and RFID readers in different sizes and different 

    shapes for your different requirements.For more info about RFID products please kindly
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