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  • LF/HF Metal Tag-02

LF/HF RFID tags for metal environment
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  • LF/HF Metal Tag-02
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  • LF/HF Metal Tag-02 PDF Specification
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    With 3M glue on back side, this rectangular LF/HF RFID On-metal tags measures in 30mm by 40mm and is suitable for on-metal tagging. It is ideal for use in asset tracking applications such as railway and warehousing solutions under metallic environment.




     Contactless Read/Write On-metal RFID tag

    Operating Frequency

     125KHz (LF) or 13.56MHz (HF)

    Support Protocol

     ISO 15693 or ISO 14443


     LF - EM4200, EM4100, EM4102, EM4305, EM4001, T5577,      Hitag1, Hitag2, Hitag S, Hitag-u Advanced, TK4100,                GK4100, others upon request

     HF - I-CODE (ISO 15693-3), Mifare 1K Classic (Mifare 1K        S50), Mifare 1K EV1, Mifare 4K S70, Mifare 4K EV1, Mifare      S20, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Ultralight EV1, Ultralight C,          Mifare DesFire 2K / 4K / 8K, Mifare plus 2K / 4K / 8K, Tag-        it™ HF-I (ISO 15693-3), SmartMX, others upon request

       NFC - NTag210, NTag213, NTag215, Ultralight ULT EV1,          Ultralight-C, NTag216, NTag203, Sony FeliCa Lite-S,                ST25TA02K, others upon request

    Read / Write Range

     4cm ~ 10cm

    Data Maintenance

     10years,EMS memory can be wiped or written over 100K


    Operating Temp

     -40ºC to 70ºC


     Waterproof, anti-acid, anti-alkali, crashworthy

    Physical Characteristics


     49*34mm/53*34mm,thickness:2mm (Other on request)


     A customized logo can be printed on the tag


    We can design and develop RFID tags and RFID readers in different sizes and different shapes for your different requirements. For more info about RFID products please kindly visit our website or mail to us at or , our sales will contact you as soon as possible.

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