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  • RFID NFC Readers
RFID NFC Readers
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  • RFID NFC Readers
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  • RFID NFC Readers
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    DAILY RFID has launched desktop RFID NFC Readers for NFC application under office environment. This user-friendly NFC reader is plug-and-play device with USB or RS232 interface. 


    RFID NFC Readers description


    Working frequency: 13.56 MHz

    Reading or writing standard charts: Mifare-One S50,Mifare-One S70,Ultralight, 

    Reading Range: up to 4-10 cm

    Dining: USB or RS232

    Audio / light indication: signal lamps, two-LED

    Operating Temperature: -30 ° C to +40 ° C

    Body material: ABS plastic

    Color body: matt black

    The output interface: USB

    Size (mm): 110 * 80 * 24


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