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RFID Parking Management Software
Parking Software - Overview
DAILY RFID has launched the RFID Parking Management System software. With a low cost at $500USD, this software program offers powerful function according to the common requirements in parking control applications. At the same time, DAILY RFID will also provide the source code of the software to help the clients to run their Parking project easier and efficiently.
Parking Software - Features
a) This software program is independently developed by DAILY RFID. When you buy, we will provide the source code of the software program.
b) Unlimited number of users.
c) The standard language is English, customers can change the language according to their needs.
d) Composition:
Module1 - Basic system information
Module2 - Legal vehicle info registration
Module3 - Temporary vehicle access authorization
Module4 - Records of vehicle access
Module5 - Processing of vehicle
Module6 - System settings
Module7 - Administrator authorization
Parking Software - OS Requirements
a) Micorsoft Windows XP or later.
b) Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (included in software package).
Parking Software - Optional products (can be an additional option)
UHF Long Range Reader - DL920
UHF Medium Range Reader - DL930
Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader - DL930B
We can design and develop RFID software for your different requirements. For more info about RFID software please e-mail our software department or call us at 0086-15817191372, we will try our best to help you.