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    This is RFID Access Control Management System for Events specially designed based on the latest UHF Long Range Reader - DL930 for effective RFID Events Access Control Management purpose with high accuracy and reliability. It can be well applied for all kinds of Access Control applications.
    The RFID Access Control Management System for Events Including:
    1) 13.56MHz HF RFID Gater DL8220
    2) RFID Silicone Wristbands-52 * 100 pcs
    3) RFID Wristbands-61 * 100 pcs
    4) Full SDK document and demo software for the Gater DL8220

    13.56MHz HF RFID Gater DL8220 Specifications:
    DAILY RFID HF Gate Device “DL8220-B010-READER-HF-15693” are designed for high performance channel management applications. The series support fast tag anti-collision and read/write operations (include EAS function of NXP tag). Equipped with main/auxiliary channel antenna, 4 line infrared motion detection sensor, control board and standard RS232, RS485 serial communication ports and RJ45 (TCP/IP) network port, the series are top choice for open mass flow RFID applications, such as: Conference Attendance, Access Control, Library Entrance Control, Process Control, etc.

    ● Self-intellectual property;
    ● Support ISO/IEC15693, NXP EPC, NXP UID, HF EPC protocol tags;
    ● Advanced anti-collision algorithm, high identification rate;
    ● Built-in TX/RX antenna and channel width up to 120cm*;
    ● Built-in 4 line infrared motion detection sensor;
    ● Low power dissipation design with RF power over 4W;
    ● The storage capacity of gate is 30000 messages;
    ● Configuration various alarm modes;
    ● Support NXP tag/label EAS function;
    ● Support RS232, RS485 and RJ45 (TCP/IP) network interface;
    ● Support plug-in camera, large screen display/ television to realize control and management in a more intuitive way.
    *Effective distance depends on protocol, tag and working environment.

    DL8220-B010-READER-HF-15693 comprises main antenna, auxiliary antenna. Main antenna base box is integrated with high RF power tag reader, power splitter, 4 line infrared receiver parts, controller board and interface board. Auxiliary antenna base box is integrated with power source, 4 line infrared transmitter parts and interface board. Other accessories include AC power cable, RF cable connecting main/auxiliary antenna, DC power cable connecting main/auxiliary antenna and RS232 communication cable.

    ● Color: Light gray
    ● Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm): 1500 x 540 x35
    ● Housing Panel: ABS shell
    ● Base: Iron box
    ● Weight(1 panel): 20
    ● Power supply (V/Hz): 220 / 50
    ● Alarm: Light and buzzer
    ● Current (mA): 90

    1. Specifications are subject to change, please pay attention to our latest one.
    2. DAILY RFID CO., LIMITED reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.

    We can design and develop RFID tags and RFID readers in different sizes and different shapes for your different requirements.For more info about RFID products please kindly visit our website or mail to us at or ,our sales will contact you as soon as possible.

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